Product Photography Description

Product Photography Description

The following article will help all photographers to be better at product photography. Product photography is when you take a picture of an item such as a watch, fruit, and so forth. These are various tips that can help a so-so photograph turn into a photographic masterpiece. A professional photographer will already understand all of these tips, but for anyone who is learning or simply wants to improve their photography skills then these tips are a must know.


The first and perhaps most important product photography tip is proper lighting. The way that you introduce light onto your product will make a huge difference in the final output. One of the simplest ways of improving your lighting is to use a collection of small DIY reflectors. You can purchase DIY reflectors, or you can easily make them from things such as aluminium foil, silver gift wrapping paper, or an illustration board. You will also require a few clamps of different sizes.

Dycam-Studio-Facial-Lighting Dycam-Studio-Full-Body-Shot-Lighting

Another key lighting technique is to use gradient reflections on your product. In fact, if you do not want your product to have a non-flat look that is often produced when using a light tent then you need to understand how to use a gradient reflection. The easiest way to do this is to put an additional diffuser between the product and the light. The reflective surface will act similar to a mirror, and therefore it is important to make sure that you use the correct angle to get the reflection that you desire.


Light painting when taking product photographs is an excellent way to introduce a different and unique look. There are many online tutorials that can help you to understand the different techniques that will incorporate light painting onto a photograph. There are endless other lighting techniques which also can be used to help create a professionally looking product image.


The next important area of consideration when taking product photographs is backgrounds. Backgrounds are perhaps the next most important way to add more spunk to a product shot. You can compliment photos of the same product by using a variety of backgrounds. Many of these backgrounds can be found in a natural setting while others can be manufactured.


Some professional photographers enjoy using DIY wood planks for a  background. In fact, you will notice certain professional photographers who use a DIY wood plank background extensively for many of their product shots. The interesting thing about a wood plank as a backdrop is that you can stain or paint them a variety of colors. They are excellent when shooting different types of foods for a product photograph.


There is also an interesting photography background technique called the “El Bokeh Wall.” The El Bokeh Wall is a very simple photography technique that will create an amazing photo. You simply use silver gift wrapping paper or aluminum foil and then crumble it into a ball. Place the crumpled ball into the background and then focus a gelled flash on it. Make sure that you use a full opening when you shoot. You can also create interesting backgrounds from a variety of objects found in your home.

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